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Catlair is a concept of distributed database system. The content management system (CMS) is created on this concept.

CMS Catlair compiles Web content using specific tag, based on XML sintaxis.

Software conditions


Data model

The scheme demonstrates the data model of Catlair.

The model is based on fundamental task of remote database sources synchronization and replication. General structure is redused to maximaly lightened index of entities. It only contains the entity Identifer. All tables refer to this Identifer. The tables are created not on the basis of various entities storing, but on the basis of functional purpose. System information storages, user information storages and content are based around the entity table. This approach allows to implement the most unified data storage environment.



All Identifer are contained in 16-byte binary fields. (*) is a primary key. (i) - index or compound index.

Referention intgrity

Catlair data model do not use referential integrity, becous all objects can exists without other objects. It is fundamentally. Any records may be exist without dependens. Referention integrity на уровне базы данных по идентификатором полностью исключена в связи с необходимостью произвольной миграции данных. Общая концепция сводится к тому, что обработка данных данных подразумевает возможность частичного их отсутствия, удаления замещения в произвольный момент времени.

Data architecture

Catlair is licensed under the GPLv3. Its components, labeled GPLv3, are distributed by GPLv3.